Thursday, November 8, 2007

Mys Tyrel Shirt and Mys Papas Boots

So after the chocolate sauce disaster I had to give Matthew a bath and we had an extra pair of clean pants at grandmas but not a shirt, so he got to wear one of Tys shirts till we got home. But before we could leave he found Grandpas cowboy boot and had to wear them he called them "Mys tyrel shirt" and "mys papa boots"

Boys will be boys

So, Matthew was playing outside and managed to sneak the chocolate sauce out, so between that and the mud, I think he was having too much fun!!

"Go See Katie Sue"

Matthew loves to go visit Grandma at work because he gets to play with his good friend, Kate. They have so much fun, he even tells me if we are driving close to her house or not. He'll tell me, "Go See Katie Sue"

Happy Halloween

Matthew dressed up as one of his favorite characters from "The Backyardigans." He was Pablo and he had a blast. His sucker from Grandma Great was his favorite treat. He still ask to wear "His pablo hat"

My hands are derty!

Matthew was out playing outside with Maggie at Grandma's house and came right up to me and said "My hands are derty" The e in dirty is intentional as he makes that specific sound. It is so stinking cute. It amazes me how fast he is growing up. He talks so much now and everyone thinks he is older than he really is. We were at the gym the other day and the lady at the daycare there asked me if he was 3. He's not even 2 1/2 yet! Wow