Monday, November 3, 2008

Mommy Wow....

....I'm a big boy now! I almost forgot another very important event that happened in our house. Matthew is completly potty trained!!! It was a rough road but we made it and we are all very happy for no more diapers!!

Happy Halloween

Matthew decided to be a dump truck driver just like Papa for Halloween this year. So we got him an orange shirt and gave him a beard and got out the safety vest. He thought he was pretty cool and he had lots of fun Trick or Treating and seeing all the Jackity Lanterns(as Tigger says). Overall we had a great Halloween!

Pumpkin Patch

We finally made it to the pumpkin patch this year, it was a little late in the evening but Matthew had a blast. We picked out our pumpkins and he even got to ride in the bounce house. He loves jumping, he could jump for hours if we let him. Now if only we got those pumpkins carved, oh well. Happy Fall!

Happy Birthday Chance!

Wow Chance had a fun little birthday party, complete with a tractor cake made by me(very much fun) and a great little cupcake tower! Happy Birthday Bud, We love you!!!

Halloween Cookies with Friends

My friend Stacy from work watched Matthew for me one day and she brought her sister Emily along for fun. Matthew had a great time with them and after I got home from work we all made some really fun Halloween cookies together. Thanks Stacy for a fun afternoon.

Do the Puyallup

So I know it's been a terribly long time since my last post: oral surgery, illness and life gets in the way some time. So be prepared for some good catch up posts. We were able to take Matthew to the Puyallup fair this year for the first time. A couple characters from his favorite show The Backyardigans were going to be there so we made the time to go. Matthew had a blast seeing Pablo and Tyrone, riding the rides was very exciting for him also. It was a great time and Matthew is already looking forward to going next year.