Saturday, January 17, 2009

Christmas at Grandma Rosie's

We went to Jason's family for Christmas dinner. We had a great time with great food and great family and Matthew couldn't forget the presents:) Congratulations to Megan and Josh as well who got engaged on Christmas day. We are so blessed to have such good family all within a relatively close distance.

Christmas at Grandmas

After Christmas at home we moved onto Grandmas house for more presents, great breakfast and fun family time.

Christmas Morning

We started our Christmas Festivities with a quiet morning at home, Santa came and left lots of fun toys and games. Matthew is at just the right age that everything is so exciting to him he absoulutely feel in love with Santa this year, he still tells me that he misses Santa Claus.

Letter for Santa

Matthew wrote his very own letter to Santa this year. It was very cute.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Christmas Eve

We always love when Auntie Kasey is here, we wish we were able to see her more often.
These are the carrots Matthew left out for the reindeer and see that broken cookie on the bottom, thats for Rudolph and he got a carrot too how lucky is he?

We love Maggie.

Modeling our Christmas PJ's

Opening Christmas PJ's

We all went together and got Dad a new video camera...yeah. Of course Matthew had to help him open it.

Santa came and gave Matthew a quick visit. Matthew was excited but not exatcly awake.

Matthew photography skills at work again.

This video show Matthew counting the carrots for the reindeer. So cute!

This video shows Matthew leaving the carrots for the reindeer.

Happy Birthday Grandma!

We were able to celebrate Grandmas birthday in the middle of December with a great family dinner. It was lots of fun to spend some great time with everyone in honor of a very special woman. Happy Birthday Grandma, we love you!

Here comes Santa Claus

"I want tractors Santa!"

Isn't he cute!

Towards the end of the line they had a waiting area with a movie for the kiddos, what a nice break for the parents.

Matthew waiting at the beginning of the line, luckily he was able to wander around and play with trains and other fun stuff there or that line would have been a lot more miserable.

Tyrel braved the streets of Sumner for this one!!

You sure are a silly looking reindeer!

Santa told him to go get some candy from under the bridge, He picked a bunch of red ones and guess what he did not like them but still had to try each one.

We took Matthew to The Old Cannery to see Santa there. I have to say they have the best Santa ever!!! The wait was forever but very much worth it.

Oh Christmas Tree

We decided to go for the fake tree at our house this year but we couldn't miss the annual trek with my Dad and brothers to cut down the tree for Grandmas house!

Matthew loves his Papa!
Aren't we a cute bunch!

This is Matthews little tree that Uncle Ty help him cut down.

Here comes our tree in the bucket!!

The tractor came to get the tree and Matthew rode on the trailer with Papa, he thought that was the coolest.

Matthew helping Uncle Chance cut down the tree. Then the nice man with the chainsaw came and helped them finish.

Look at me!!

Happy Anniversary!!!

We celebrated our 5th anniversary on November 22nd. We had an amazing time together. We went to the New Kids on the Block concert, brought back lots of memories from childhood but it was awesome what can I say I'm definitely a New Kids fan!! My gorgeous flowers!
Concert Pics!!

So my self portrait skills aren't that great but this is the only pic I got of the two of us together.

This will bring back some memories for some of you!!!
Hanging Tough!!