Friday, January 11, 2008

My Little Guy

I feel so blessed to have this little cutey in my life. I cannot even imagine my life without him anymore. There is never a day that he doesn't make me smile or laugh like crazy. His personality and imagination are starting to shine. The other day he told me there was a crocodile on my bed and we had to hide from it because it was going to come get us. Where he comes up with this stuff I don't know but it sure is entertaining. I'm so grateful he was chosen to come to our home, my only hope is for him to be happy.

Project Time!

Not too much of a difference heh? I wondered who
found all that chocolate?
Who's been helping with the dump truck?
Grandpa Phil hard at work.
"I can't wait to run all over the carpet:)"

So Jason had a little extra time around Christmas and New Years and we got a new vacuum for Christmas so we decided to put the carpet we had in our garage for our Living Room in. It wasn't until after he tore out the old stuff and was working with his Dad that we discovered it was 2 different colors. Fortunately we were able to work with them both being brown and put one in the main living room and the other down the hallway. Thank you Phil for all your help!!

Guitar Heros

Tyrel got Guitar Hero for Christmas and it was quite the toy for everyone in the family!

Matthew's Favorite Present

Matthew got his Diego bike for Christmas and he absolutely loves it. It probably comes in a close tie with the train set. I see him crusing away now....aaaah. He's growing up way too fast.

Stocking fun!!
More Presents! Wow what a lucky boy!
Matthew opened up this Lighting Mcqueen outfit and had to wear it. He stripped his jammies and all right in front of the tree to put it on.
One of his favorite presents, that one stays at Grandmas, the big one got to go home with him. He loves playing with the trains, he could do it for hours.

Christmas Eve

Matthew was so happy to have Aunt Kasey home for Christmas. They had a lot of fun, and he sure was sad when she left.
He sure loves his Grandma!

You can't forget his best friend, Maggie.
Uncle Charlie and Aunt Kelly gave him a fun construction set and he was attached to that hat for days!
Traditional lasagna Christmas Eve Dinner, it was great to have all our family home for just a bit.
I wanna be like "Uncy Chancy"
Dad got us girls all matching pajamas, Kasey thought it was horrible but managed to go along with it. It was fun!

Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Law's

We had so much fun with Jason's family for Christmas. Matthew was attacking all of the presents and loved opening his. He especially enjoyed his tonka truck from Grandma and Grandpa. We are so blessed to have our families so close to us and enjoying time with them.

Decorating our Tree

Even though Daddy stayed home sick when we got our tree, he still got to join us in the fun of decorating it.


Matthew loves tractor, when we got to go to Sumner Tractor with Uncle Chance to see Santa Claus he was so excited to play on all the tractors.

Christmas Tree Fun

Ok, so it's been a long time since I posted it has been a very crazy couple months. We had lots of fun over the holidays and want to share a little bit of it with you. The first weekend of December we went and got our tree and visited Santa at Sumner Tractor. Matthew freaked out for Santa but couldn't stop talking about him. He followed the train they have running there around forever while we waited for our pictures. I think he had more fun with the train then with Santa.
But luck would have it when we went to get our tree he got to ride a train for real. We had so much fun and missed our Daddy who had to stay home sick.