Monday, July 21, 2008

5th of July

While Kasey was here we got to spend a day in Seattle and go to a Mariners game. Matthews favorite thing at the game was watching the trains. He kept telling us that he was lookin for Thomas.
Matthew loves Uncle Chancey

Jason and I had the stroller up at the top of our section, Matthew came back and forth to us, but whenever he heard the train whistle he had to see it. Luckily Papa was close enough so Matthew could see the trains from his seat.

On our way back to the cars after Matthew went up the "Space Noodle" with Kasey and Marissa.
Lunch on the waterfront.

We got to go the Moose Den and take a picture with him, Matthew thought that was pretty cool.
Watch this video: Matthew is trying to find Thomas.

4th of July

We had lots of fun on the fourth. Even though I had to work for a little bit the day was fun. My sister and her friend Marissa were here and we all had a blast. We had a bbq at my parents house and then watched the boys do some fireworks until Matthew had enough or maybe it was mommy who had enough:) and we drove up to the fairgrounds and watched the firework show there(where we could keep munchkin a bit more contained and away from the flames:)) Julia is so awesome with Matthew, he had so much fun throwing pop its with her or as he called it making fireworks.
Matthew loved having everyone push him around on his trike, Kasey jokingly told him that hit was her turn little did she know Matthew would have a helper pushing her across the yard. Matthew kept telling her she needed to put her feet on the pedals.

Ok, so the sparklers we had sucked but that didn't stop them from trying. Matthew loves his Auntie Kasey.

Night, Night, Time

Matthew was quietly playing in his bedroom a couple weeks ago and this is what I went in to find. He was putting every single one of his stuffed animals down for a nap. The things he comes up with are just so cute.

Zoo Pics

Ok I know these are way behind but, better late than never heh? This guy had a tarantula...eeeww
Matthew and Daddy loved the fish

We got to see the wildlife show too, which was lots of fun

Matthew really liked the tigers